Public Announcement: NULU
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Public Announcement: NULU

To all those reading - thank you for taking the time to visit OLB's corner of the web. This is where I wanted to reach out to the local community to offer an opportunity at the first in-person Maryland Nulu Picks. We had a unique opportunity at the first crack of a fresh order of 48 barrels that arrived that morning.

For those who are unaware - Old line Bourbon branched off from our main group to start a private barrel club chapter 2 years ago. Since then we have done tons of outstanding picks, we have had an outstanding track record so far and have the intention to continue turning away par barrels and only selecting the best we come across.

Today I am extending an offer to the public to buy a small allocation left over from 3 barrels that we picked while in Kentucky a few weeks ago.

On April 21, 2022 - A small group from our barrel club went to Prohibition Craft Spirits in Louisville. We also invited a good friend of ours, Dan Gardner, from Four Roses.

Over the course of the afternoon we worked through 12 barrels and decided on 3. Each barrel seemed to just get better and better. We knew Chase was being generous but he really did pull out some of the best stuff, IMO. He had no problem moving tons of stock to dig for specific barrels he wanted us to try.

  1. 1 - Straight Bourbon (6 year) - $89.99 MSRP/per
  2. 1 - Toasted Bourbon (6 year) - $99.99 MSRP/per
  3. 1 - Toasted Rye (6 year) - $109.99 MSRP/per

I knew going in that it was not likely that the entire club would consume the entire lot - whatever was left over I had planned to offer to the public. This is that opportunity.

You will find a google form linked here in this newsletter. Please use that link to sign up. Please understand for me to get access to the toasted products I had to first buy a Straight Bourbon, therefore Im requiring that you purchase a SB to get access to the TB/TR. All three picks are cask strength.

Pick up will be announced in the next week or so - I will also post the final allocation sheet as well. All picks will be paid for and picked up at Allview Liquors in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Please respect that we are a no secondary club - I would prefer that all of these bottles are to be consumed by the local community. All of what we do goes towards charity and I would hate to see folks taking advantage of a charity pick. If I do find folks taking advantage of this opportunity I will not hesitate to restrict you from participating in any additional future public releases from our club.

OLB 2022 - NULU (Public Release)
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