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When it rains, it pours. 3 Barrels showing up right behind the Nulu's.. and they're all ryes!

  • SAOS Rye 6yr Collab #1
  • SAOS Rye 6yr Collab #2
  • Driftless Glen Rye 5yr

SAOS Rye Collab #1 - "The Enthusiast's Rye"

Age - 6yr

ABV - 60.3

Color - Caramel

Nose - Caramel-like sweetness, fennel/licorice, citrus  

Palate - Forward palate is rich and drinking way under proof. There is a surprisingly low amount of rye spice in comparison to what I was expecting and is maintaining a faint sweetness around the viscous mouthfeel. I get, at first, a faint cinnamon quality which I generally have related to what some call a "barrel spice" and as the cinnamon note builds to a great crescendo, a very persistent oak flavor follows through the mid palate into the finish, while maintaining a "viscous" theme.

Finish - The finish is not overly long but somehow maintains a very satisfying mouthfeel throughout the sip. The lingering note that sticks is a faint caramel.

SAOS Rye Collab #2 - "The People's Champ"

Age - 6yr

ABV - 60.4

Color - Amber/Honey - reminds me of...

Nose - Apple, vanilla, touch of ethanol (Nothing offensive)

Palate - Aggressive! This rye is here and means business. Immediately after the sip theres a glimmer of a candied apple, which turns to a sudden rye spice - right when you think its too much it pulls back and feels as thought it melts away like sugar on the tongue into a lovely and playful dancing of flavors. Oak, rye spice, fruit (slightly acidic like apple) dance back and forth across the palate and then trails off into the finish

Finish - The finish is long, counting doesn't seem to do it justice. It seems to just keep going and going. The fleeting expression of the rye spice from its initial appearance still tapering off.

Driftless Glen Rye - "English Toffee"

Age - 5yr

ABV - 60.5

Color - Golden brown

Nose - Copiously sweet, rich almost. Dare I say... marzipan? Please forgive me 🤣 - theres a confectionary quality to the smell. That is whats important here.

Palate - 60.5 (ABV).. I call BS - there is no way. Drinks so rich and under proof that its almost chewy. Add that its profile is caramel, butter rum, dark chocolate and some black tea notes. This screams English Toffee. Once you've finished your stroll through the candy store you're met by a pleasant rye spice that quickly begins to fade.

Finish - The finish I would describe as medium in length. The rye spice makes an abrupt appearance and trails off quickly but not before the toffee bomb takes its time leaving you with just a few more chews.